Healthy Diversity. Experimenting with interculturalism in Hungary

After more than a year Artemisszio Foundation was able to organize again its intercultural training for the professionals of the health sector. We innovated: instead of 6 days the training lasted only 3, from the 21st of April to the 23rd. It is good news that we managed to have it accredited, just…

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Young activists for peace: Welcome refugees

Join the youth exchange and the related events! Call for activists, volunteers, young people with migrant and refugee background, young people interested in migration issues and refugee policies. Participants will come from all over Europe. The language of the exchange is English. 5 young people…

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Call for volunteering!

Are you a migrant living in Hungary for a longer time? Do you know Budapest? Have you discovered the cool places and programs? Would you like to support a migrant or a refugee and share your experiences about living in Hungary? We are looking for migrant mentors!

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Thank you!

We succeeded! Thank you for your support! Let's not stop here! Artemisszió Foundation has proved that speaking about migration in schools is not a taboo - instead the cause has a strong social support! In two months we reached our target on Indiegogo to finance our program "Bringing migration closer…

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Climate Justice - video

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My five months in Hungary

I Already spent five months! It was super fast... It's hard to sum up the EVS in a text, are many emotions, many new friendships, many places and different countries, many new experiences.

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Diana Szántó: Celebrating anthropology

This message is written by Diana Szántó as one of the first students of Luis Boglár and one of the founder of Artemisszió Foundation for the 25th birthday of the academic education of the cultural anthropology in Hungary Dear all, I will not be with you today. I am in Freetown. I have spent…

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Ready, Study & Go Global with Migrants

Are you curious what our migrant participants think about today’s global challenges? Join our event on the 19th December, where you will be able to listen to our participants’ inspiring „RedX” English presentations. We warmly invite you to the closing event of our Ready, Study, Go!…

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Get up on stage for social solutions! Social Model Exchange / Participatory theatre in Hungary

Theatre was the topic that caught my attention, community building was a reason for me to connect, and Artemisszió Foundation served as a quality guarantee. So did my application for the third part of “Social Model Exchange” project’s mobility session happen. As a result I could spend five…

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Globalization and solidarity

 The 2nd session of “Ready, Study, Go” took place on a sunny Saturday on 12 Sep in Artemisszio office. The meeting began at 10 by welcoming members with tea, coffee and some nice cookies and the program officially started at 10:30 when everybody supposed to find his country location on an…

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