“I met great people with beautiful smiles” // Skills On!

Our Nigerian participant, Kelvin Chidiebere Anumudu wrote about his experiences in the Skills On! program. Skills On! helps migrant and refugee people finding a job and have a better life in Hungary.

Skills On! menekült és bevándorló embereket munkába segítő programunk nigériai résztvevője Kelvin Chidiebere Anumudu írt tapasztalatairól a blogunkra.

Far from home, in a foreign land, a different continent there lies a country in central Europe called Hungary. Visiting Hungary and having to study in Hungary was and is still a great experience for me. I had so many fascinating moments in my university and also in other parts of Hungary and Europe in general.

When I came to Hungary, of course it was a bit strange for me because I wasn’t familiar with the environment and people.


To start with, I came from a different continent where the temperatures would never drop below 15 degrees on average. In addition, trying to get used to the weather, the peoples culture and the Hungarian language was quite challenging.

Although I had friends in my university and also took part in various activities in school both social and academic, I still didn’t feel incorporated into the Hungarian system.

While I was still in school, my course mate Akadri Tosin Timothy told me about Artemisszio. Initially I was reluctant about it but after he explained to me what the programme was about and how it will help me get incorporated into the Hungarian system as well as develop my personal skills, I became very curious.


It wasn’t long before I decided to pay a visit. On reaching there, I met great people with beautiful smiles. It was fun, interesting and educating. I couldn’t miss any of the programme especially the competence mapping which was indeed my favourite session.

We started with the job skill training where we were enlightened about the Hungarian job market, how to make a good CV and some other vital information. Artemisszio has really helped me to get integrated into the Hungarian society. I would like to kindly appreciate Erzsi, for her kindness and her dedication towards the success of this programme, I also would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Andrea for her patience and good work, I enjoyed every moment I spent in Artemisszio. Many thanks to Mustafa and other members and staffs.

Finally, I would say that this programme has really impacted me positively, learning new things and improving myself.

Kelvin Chidiebere Anumudu


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