Join us at the closing event of our Work/Place Program!

When? 29th May, 2015. Friday, 6pm

Where? Almárium Bisztró, 1085. Bp, Horánszky street  5.

We launched our Work/Place Program 9 months ago in order to support immigrants from outside the European Union to integrate into the Hungarian society. During this period they had the opportunity to meet Hungarian people, to learn and practice the Hungarian language and to take part in various trainings so that they have better chances on the job market and become part of a supportive community. Our aim was not only to help them overcome the obstacles and provide information about the local conditions but also to gain good experiences and make them feel themselves at home in our country.


Our participants had the opportunity to choose from a number of free services we offered:

  • help of a social worker to handle official or legal matters;
  • taking part in a work placement program in order to gain experience at a Hungarian business;
  • mentorship: getting the help of a local volunteer who provided personal assistance, advice and support
  • Hungarian language course
  • career counseling and training

Beside these services, we also offered them a variety of community programs where they could relax, learn about our capital city, our culture and our public life.

Our project is coming to an end shortly, that is why we would like to present our work and activities to you, to look back at the past 9 months and to say goodbye to this period of our lives which meant so much for all of us.

Come and meet our talented and diverse community. We will share our stories and experiences, how Budapest inspired us to write a short story or a poem, what songs symbolize the Hungarian culture for us, how we see Budapest and what images represent the capital.

Be part of our celebration, come and listen to the accounts of how these experiences have changed the life of our participants. Feel free to ask our immigrants about what it is like for a foreigner to live in Hungary.

Read the accounts of our past events written by our participants:



17:30-18:00 - Arrival and registration

18:00 - Opening speech by the coworkers of the project

18:15 - Introduction of our participants

Exhibition of paintings by Arezoo Ashtari and photos by Ambrine Essatte

The artworks and their connection to the group and to Budapest will be presented by the artists themselves.

Singing performance by the Vagabond Birds group

Filep Krisztina Mandula, Utaliyeva Nurgul and Aylar Hojayeva perform Hungarian folk songs.


José Emmanuel Ruiz Trejo reading out his own novel inspired by Budapest.


Michael Chima Samuel reciting his poem written for the group.

Gastro corner

Cakes & cookies by Effi Haryafitriani, Alkhatib Malak, Sonya Gabdullina and Katalin Nagy

18:40 - Book presentation

Our book written in the frames of the project called „In the other’s place” will be presented by Teréz Pataki

18:50 - Film opening

During which our participants introduce themselves just as the various program elements.

Our short film was made by Hanna Eichner

19:30-20:30 - Now it’s your turn: activities for everybody!


#1: Workshop: And what does the city mean to you?

An exciting and interactive game about your points of connection!

Workshop led by Anna Szemerey


#2:Create a memory for yourself!

Do some arts and crafts with us for an experience which lasts!

Our mentors and volunteer Hungarian teachers are going to help you out in the creation process


#3: Learn how to dance the Hungarian way

Guided by Mészáros Erzsébet ,Vince és Mátyás, and the Magyarhang band.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W1SLl7IZH8


#4: Learn how to dance the Latin way

Guided by Claudio Ortiz Sanchez and his friends


#5: Let’s create our common Budapest map!

With the help of Anna Szemerey


The film offers you an insight into the work of the Office of Immigration and Nationality, a venue well known to our participants, the screening is followed by a talk with Oszkár Viktor Nagy, the director of the movie.

21:30-22:30 Concert of the band „Nomaad”

Band members: Rebeka Méry, György Varsányi, Erik Turtev

22:30-0:00 DJ              

Claudio Ortiz Sanchez and his friends are playing their favourite songs

speakers: Anthony Chinedu Okpara and Borissza Kitti

From 19.30 until midnight activities for children will be provided.

The project is co-financed by the European Integration Fund of the European Union.


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