MOMO – reinventing mobility counseling

Mobility can become an important source of growth and development, but that does not necessarily happen automatically.  The mission of mobility counseling is to make that happen. Who are the mobility counsellors?  What do they do? How can they do their job better?  These are the questions we tried to answer within a fruitful 2-year-long partnership project – MOMO: More Mobility for Europe. The aim of the project is to raise the quality of the mobility processes in VET (Vocational Education and Training) mobility programs. The focus was on the importance of integrating new cultural and professional learning into existing body of knowledge, so that VET participants’ skills are more adjusted to the labour market.


For this purpose, we mapped the mobility process from the professional’s, the ’Mobility Counsellor’s, point of view – this person guides people through mobility, and can be basically anyone working in VET and involved in mobility projects. The final aim was to ensure that VET mobility becomes a real learning process and students get the best out of their experiences during mobility programs. We support VET students by developing a portfolio for the Mobility counsellor which includes the main skills, competencies, knowledge and possible resources. Moreover, the partners researched the whole mobility process breaking it down into different phases: promotion; preparation; integration to foreign environment; reintegration/evaluation; use of experiences – and looked at them from the Mobility counsellor’s point of view in order to foster methodologies of mentoring, counselling and maximise learning outcomes.

The partnership represents the diversity of Europe (Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, UK), with its multidimensionality, as well as representing a strong coalition between different sectors.

On the website, you can find may interesting and useful resources including the Job Profile of the Mobility Counsellor, the supporting documents of the research, and further ideas, tools and good practices you can use when guiding people through mobility.

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