Creative methods in Global Learning – report about the training

In the Same World Global Learning – Training, consisting of three occasions, we were dealing with creative methods that can be used for teaching environmental justice. A very nice group came together, where it was possible to learn from each other in an informal atmosphere. The participants…


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It does not work without civil society: Hungary needs us

154 NGOs have signed as of today (21th March) The work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is essential to Hungarian society. We conduct diverse and irreplaceable work while striving for the common good and the achievement of democracy: the self-organisation of citizens provides shared…


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Let's Invalidate the Hungarian Refugee Quota Referendum!

We, Hungarian NGOs and citizens with a sense of responsibility for our country, believe in a country where our shared business is managed with humaneness, solidarity and mutual respect. We are concerned about seeing the government threaten our common values, therefore we speak out against the…


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Welcoming the World!

Artemisszió has come of age! We have been working in Hungary for the last 18 years in order to develop intercultural competences so that people of diverse cultural backgrounds are able to live next to one another more peacefully and smoothly. 18 years is a long time, therefore we decided to have a…


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Young activists for peace: from a refugee participant’s perspective

The youth activist programme was very educative and lighten, full of information about the European context and the refugee system for me. I was well informed of the difference status of a refugee in Europe and every one talked about the refugee situation  in their own country.


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A környezeti migráció digitális történeteken


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Job skills training for migrants and refugees

As a major aspect of the Skills on program, job skills training was held. The training provides practical tips related to job search and information on the Hungarian job market. The participants were migrants/refugees who originate from various nations like Afghanistan, India, Iran, Uganda, Nigeria…


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Call for volunteering: Be our mentor in Building Bridges program!

Would you like to support foreigners and refugees living in Hungary? Would you like to share your experiences about living here? The mentoring program is a series of regular one-on-one meetings. During these meetings the mentor and the mentee will agree on a goal, and they will work together on…


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Building bridges trip to Visegrad - day 2.

When I decided to join the trip of the Building Bridges group of Artemisszio, I did not know what to expect from it. During these two days I would have known people from so many different countries, nationalities, cultures and languages. In my mind I was thinking: should I be worried? Maybe it won’t…


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ON THE MOVE – street art workshop on mobility

A street art workshop will be organised in the frames of the EVS20 programs, in collaboration with Open Doors. It will take place from 10 am on 11 June. 2016, in Artemisszió office. We will learn to create stencil, stickers, and land art, all in line with the topics of mobility, movement,…


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