Young activists for peace: from a refugee participant’s perspective

The youth activist programme was very educative and lighten, full of information about the European context and the refugee system for me. I was well informed of the difference status of a refugee in Europe and every one talked about the refugee situation  in their own country.


So far so on Germany has a well planned refugee system,{house, food disribution, hospitality and protection etc} and I also got to meet with other participants  from deferent countries, charings ideals for the futures. There was this game called secret friend that was so interesting to me and it was introduced by one of the participant  from Italy. Mr milk took time to teach us about the refugee system in Germany and how it works also the chance of getting the status. It was real great, when every one was now cooking their country meal. And we from Hungary cook lecso.


We visited the camp in Germany and met with the Acting boss that took us through the camp by showing us the deferent sport the refugee are engaging in, inside the camp. And also tell us programs we can arrange with refugee. It was real fun every day with the guys and I enjoy every day of the program.


Frank Ehiabhi


Címkék: beszámoló migráció menekültek English ifjúsági programok

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