Job skills training for migrants and refugees

As a major aspect of the Skills on program, job skills training was held. The training provides practical tips related to job search and information on the Hungarian job market. The participants were migrants/refugees who originate from various nations like Afghanistan, India, Iran, Uganda, Nigeria and  others. The jobs skills training was held in 5 sessions.  CV's  of the participants were collected before the session for the better understanding of their requirements.  They were all analyzed by Etelka, the trainer of the program.


First session went with introductions and there was a discussion about the participant's dream job, their aspirations and challenges in finding the job in Hungary. This gave a clear idea of the participant's needs and what they can expect from the training.

In the further sessions, there was a presentation on how to prepare a good CV. The CV's collected before was discussed, Etelka provided her input's on the places of improvement in the CV.

Then there was a session on how to act during the interview. This presentation gave various nuances of job interview like communication, body language, what to do and what not to do. In the next session, as a continuation we discussed the various interview questions. It was more of a interactive session, where each participant answered for each interview question. It was very informative and fun.

In our last session,  there was a presentation on rights & obligations regarding employment in Hungary.  It was very informative and gave a clear picture of the situation in Hungary.

Finally, an opportunity was given to attend the job interview stimulation to put our skills developed in this training to test. It was conducted by Etelka and another HR person. After the interview feedback was given to the participants on the areas of improvement .

Overall this job skill training was very helpful, informative and useful for the potential job seekers in Hungary. Thanks to Artemisszio foundation for organizing this. And special thanks to Erszi and Etelka for coordinating this successfully.

Manirathnam Murugesan

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