Mid-term report from Budapest

I’m in Budapest since two and a half month. Already. The time goes fast and fast. I’ve meet a lot of people from everywhere since I arrived. It’s very enriching. I have a feeling of freedom, and I feel home here. I took a lot of pictures of the events and programs of Artemisszió. I really enjoy the time I spend in the organisation, and the program is very interesting.


Thanks to the organisation, I met a lot of people and I saw a lot of different things. For example, we went to Kisoroszi, there was also a Circus training (Join the Circus!), doing a movie about the migrant women, prepare an exhibition, have cooking session, and a lot of trainings which were really interesting.

My favorite place in Budapest is Szabadság híd, the bridge of the freedom. When I see it, I think always the same thing : „Wow, it’s beautiful !”


Kisoroszi training (14-15-16 november 2014)


Preparation of the exhibition „not the weaker” 12th of december 2014 (Hanna Mikes on the picture)  



Böbe Barsi


Ana Soriano, movie

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