Breaking barriers

The cooperation of One Family People (OFP), an NGO in Sierra Leone, and Artemisszió dates back for some years, when we worked on our first joint EVS project. Some years ago, we hosted Hady and Manish in Budapest, and sent Bori (and two other European volunteers) to Freetown as an ’exchange’. Recently, OFP coordinates the local schools in our new joint project called ’North-South Connection’ promoting partnerships between European and African schools. One Family People advocates for the rights of disabled people, they organise arts’ groups (music, danse, theatre), and implement awarenessraising campaigns – proving that ’disability is not inability’.

Breaking Barriers/ One Family People from BrandOutLoud on Vimeo.

Who are the people in OFP? What are their motives and activities? What is their story? The short movie, commissioned by One Family People, in collaboration with ICDI, Liliane Fonds and BrandOutLoud Foundation, with its powerful images presents the story of Salay (and through this, of OFP).

“At One Family People we want to break barriers for people with disability. If those barriers are not broken there is no how we can have an inclusive society. There is no how our country can prosper.” - Hadiatou Diallo, senior program manager at OFP.

We have a lot to learn from them.

The ebola epidemic in West-Africa is raging on and Sierra Leone is one of the countries where a state of emergency has been declared. School is closed. We stand by them in this extremely difficult situation!

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