Call for participation: Work/Place integration program

The aim of our program is to help you finding your place in Hungary: through meeting locals, practising the language, learning more about the culture, getting assistance in your everyday problems and improving your chances on the labour market.


In order to achieve these we offer various services to you which are the following:

-          the professional help of a social worker who can assist you with your accomodation/residence permit/job searching issues or any other question related with your life in Hungary

-          the chance to have a mentor who is a local person and with whom you can practise the language/know Budapest more/get the answers to your questions about the country/Hungarians

-          to visit Hungarian classes where you can learn/practise the language in groups with the help of our volunteer teachers

-          to take part in a job skills training where you can get a picture about what to expect and how to prepare for the job hunt

-          to get a guidance through which you can explore your work-related competences and find out more about your talents/weaknesses

-          to find an internship position which suits your professional background, where you can try yourself and get a picture about the Hungarian working culture

-          to enrol in either the primary or the secondary school in case you don’t have this degree

-          to know more about the various institutions and systems (healthcare, work permit, residential issues etc.)

-          to take part in the community programs we organise frequently and where you can meet all the other participants too.

The project runs between the 1st of September 2014 until the 31st of May 2015.

Our program is open for third country residents (means not from EU member states and not with a refugee status) who are staying in Hungary legally since more than 3 months and who feel that these kinds of services would be helpful for them to feel more at home in Hungary.

Participation is free if charge.

In order to give you the help which fits you the most, it is you who chooses from the services listed above. This way you can combine the elements which are tailored to your real needs.

You will have the chance to know more about the services at our first talk/interview when we will also give you the time frames so you know what to expect before you make your commitment.

Contact: Erzsébet Csáky (erzsebet.csaky@artemisszio.hu; 06704117135)


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