Call for EVS volunteers!


Duration: 01 May 2017 – 30 October 2017 (6 months)

Are you motivated and enthusiastic, socially engaged, maybe also owning some creative skills?

Are you ready to start a voluntary service in the middle of April 2017? Young volunteer will be given the opportunity to contribute to the daily work of KEKPA-DIEK dealing with young people's personal and socio-educational development, social care, inclusion of disadvantaged (the elderly, the people with disabilities, the Romas, etc.), development cooperation, fight of social exclusion, marginalization and discrimination, etc.

The volunteer will be involved in different structures and tasks of KEKPA-DIEK, support the daily activities, help in the organization of events, etc

The participation in the EVS activity is free of charge for the volunteers.

If you are interested in all above, eager to try out yourself in a foreign country, support an organization with your energy, ideas and joy, this is what you are looking for!

Timing: April 2017 – end of September 2017

Framework: European Voluntary Service of EUs Erasmus+ program

For any further detail please contact: Panni Végh

To apply: send your English CV and motivation letter to evs@artemisszio.hu

Application deadline: 23rd March

Címkék: EVS