"Artemisszio and me"

"I met Artemisszio at my school NGO fair in February 2016. I got attracted to its goals and missions especially bringing the cultures together. I introduced myself to Artemisszio family when they marked the beginning of building bridges program with delicious Indian cuisine.  It was my first time meeting foreigners and Hungarians in Budapest beside my schoolmates.


Building bridge program has various programs and activities that encourage immigrants to have better job and stay in Budapest. I participated in almost all programs. However, the most advance are internship and DET program which I participated in the frames of the Skills On program. The former is about finding an internship particularly for job seekers. With the help of Artemisszio, I got an internship at ICDT that prolong my stay in Hungary. ICTD (International Centre for Democratic Transition) is an international non-profit organization based in Budapest promoting democracy and advocator of human rights. It's a great place and people to work. I gained new skills that could use further in my profession. For instance, writing a project proposal, raising funds, making a budget are worthwhile experiences. At the same time, financially Artemisszio supported me by providing monthly stipend of 50,000 HUF. My three-month internship was amazing and ended up getting a job. I sincerely thank Artemisszio for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. 

The latter is about discovering yourself by mapping the strengths and weaknesses. DET (Digital Empowering Tool) is conducted by an expertise to assist you in finding your interest either in job or academic. The program is very rewarding for those who are uncertain about their interests and competencies. It's lasted two month, a weekly program where you will definitely see difference in the end. I am no longer dubious concerning my interests and competencies. It was incredible to be part of this program. I am deeply grateful to the expertise for her patience and tolerance towards my tardiness. 

To sum up, I am lucky to met Artemisszio family and have inspired me to serves other. Thank you for having me as a participant and I am eternally grateful to you." 

Dawa Dolma

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