Art as motivation - Innovative methods in school environment


A very interested event – financed in the framework of Erasmus+ - about new methods and tools in education offered us a possibility to introduce Pearls project through the Tree of Life method. This method combines with elements of personal and group competence mapping is one of the activities we worked out and adapted for Pearls.

How to set the game in the service of education? Where is the boundary of education and therapy? How can be the tale a therapeutic tool? What is the social circus? Nowadadays what are the challenges of art education? Are there innovative methodological approaches to teacher training and practice?









The conference took place in Budapest. The whole event hosted 150 people and 25 participated in the presentation about the Tree of life method, presented by Hanna Mikes, Artemisszió Foundation. The presentation was followed with a round-table discussion where the main issue was the social integration.


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