Healthy Diversity. Experimenting with interculturalism in Hungary

After more than a year Artemisszio Foundation was able to organize again its intercultural training for the professionals of the health sector. We innovated: instead of 6 days the training lasted only 3, from the 21st of April to the 23rd. It is good news that we managed to have it accredited, just like the 6 day version, although participants said they did not come for this reason.


The training took place in a family like atmosphere; some said this was its biggest advantage. One of the participants wrote: “The training helped me a lot in solving conflict situations. The three best things: that we were not too many; the playful teaching; the trainers are really well prepared!” Thank you for the nice words! They all the more make us happy, as we were a bit worried since this was the first time that we do this training in this form.  We owe this opportunity to the Healthy Diversity (HEAD) project. In HEAD we are collecting and analyzing intercultural conflicts occurring in the health sector.

These cases will be part of a bigger compendium including examples from six European countries. If you are interested to see how the end product will look like and would like to learn more on what else we will do in HEAD,  you will surely want to follow the website of the project: http://healthydiversity.eu/

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