My five months in Hungary

I Already spent five months! It was super fast... It's hard to sum up the EVS in a text, are many emotions, many new friendships, many places and different countries, many new experiences.


Working in Artemisszió was a very positive experience, people are all very sympathetic and integration was very easy, in the end I feel I am part of the space. Are many projects that are born here! During the five months I was pleased to participate in DiverCity project, that showed me another look at the museums, to cities and all objects that are part of my daily life. Go to a refugee camp was an incredible experience, and it would not be possible without the project Ready, Study, Go!

Much of the my EVS time was passed in Pince, a center for young desadvantage. No doubt it was a challenge to communicate, create a relationship and know them. But worth the effort. From them I learned a little as juggler. I will never forget the long conversations, playing with them, painting and all the times we spent together and that marked me.

The EVS is a transforming experience! I am eternally grateful for Artemisszió, all the people who are part of it, I have received and have shared many good times with them.


Fica a Saudade!

Ana Rita

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