Our new EVS volunteer has arrived!

Hello my name is Rita, I'm from Portugal and I am the new volunteer of Artemisszio ! :D In June this year , I wnet on the internet and I found the opportunity to come to Hungary to be a volunteer. I felt I should apply myself and so I did . My interest in international volunteering is already old, I had already been at the European Voluntary Service platform to search but I never felt it was time to do it. Stop the course when it goes to the last year of master can not seem to be the right time , but all times are right when it comes to fighting for our dreams.


Today, here I am! The first week of the next five months went fast with many emotions will mix! Marton, my mentor at Artemisszio met me at the airport and so far has been a great guide and facilitator for everything that involves my adaptation to a new country. Speaking of adaptation ! I could not forget to mention the warm reception by the former volunteer Gulia and Ambrine that on the first night did received me with great friendliness and music and of course, and Pálinka in Szimpla .

It is pleasant to work in the office of Artemisszio, the space is cozy and the people are willing to meet you and explain to you how things work around here! All Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I give Portuguese classes to three young Hungarians that in September go to Portugal , the rest of the time I preparing lessons and helping with anything they need . This is a pleasant experience, Budapest is an amazing city full of life and Artemisszio has extraordinary projects that over time hopefully know better.

It is always possible to follow our dreams and risk!

Ana Rita Vieira

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