"This is the end, my only friend, the end" - EVS in Budapest

Thanks The Doors and yes guys, this is the end of my EVS. Welcome Back to the reality, what i can say? Five months, one city, a big experience. When I was arriving here in Budapest the people said me: in the end you will never want leave from this city. Right now I can say: It’s true, absolutly true. For me there is some drugs in the tap water, everybody that came here in the end fell in love for this city.


Ok, this was a joke to say that: yes, these 5 months have been a great time!

During the last part of the EVS project we went to the Hungarian Juggling Convention next to Debrecen and the guys from the youth center where I have worked finally made their show, the television also has recorded all, and I think that for the project it was the best. Video about the camp:

After few months finally I start to have a great relantionship with the guys in the youth center of Pince, we trust in each other we play together, we have fun, the guys start to speak with me and in the last days we made a ballon and makeup workshop and we had a lot of fun.

I could start to speak about what is for me this experience, but I think is not necessery because in the end is a personal experience, for somebody could be fantastic, sad, unforgettable and whatever you want, but in the end you will bring with you what you were ready to receive.

I decided to stay here until the end of the summer, I found a work and a flat for cheep with my other evs friend here in budapest, in the same time I ask if I can continue my volunteer project without the money from EU , but just to do something that I really like and for learn more about the social circus .

I want to make a show in the street with the kids from Pince, and show them that all this time, there is a possibility for make money with fun, we’ll see, so stay tuned!

Thanks everybody for all, a part of my heart will never forget all this.


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