2015: European Year for Development

In 2015 the European Parliament and CONCORD initiated the European Year for Development with the purpose to start a conversation about global questions. This is the last year to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals, which were established in 2000 in order to reduce poverty and famine. Within EYD in Hungary there are various informative and awareness-raising programs as well, with the purpose to include the citizens of the European Union (especially the youth) in the societal discussions about the world, human dignity and our future.


To celebrate the EYD, Hungary is taking part through HAND Federation, the umbrella for development organizations and NGOs working in Global Education. The overall objective of the program is to raise the citizen’s attention to the importance of their decisions and responsibilities to raise the citizen’s attention to the importance of their decisions and responsibilities..

HAND, together with the member organizations is organizing programs and workshops during the whole year, with a specific theme every month. For example January represented the “Europe in the world” theme, in February education has got the focus, in March women’s rights and in April health. Artemisszió Foundation also participates in this team work: in June there will be a training for teachers and a workshop for students about trade in agriculture and societal equity. Demography and migration will be in the center in September. Migration is a very important topic for Artemisszió because of the essential values the Foundation is represents.

About the next months’ theme and programs you can find information on the links below:




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